As part of a Small Business Innovative Research project, United Dynamics designed and developed a new Light-Off Detector (LOD) for Pratt & Whitney PW-100 engines. The LOD is a part of the F-15 and F-16 engine’s secondary fire detection system with the capability to detect and report leaking fuel vapor before it ignites. The original unit, still in use today, uses 1970’s ionized glass phototube and transformer technology: bulky, heavy, expensive, and unreliable. Due to the extreme temperatures and vibrations, the LODs have recurring failures. Operators are required to purchase repair kits and continually train personnel to maintain them.

Our solid-state, “plug and play” unit uses Silicon on Sapphire technology with successful operation at extreme temperatures up to 600°C and no performance degradation. Other benefits? Smaller. More reliable. Lower cost.

With many useful applications for land-, sea-, and flight-based platforms, contact us to see how we can engineer a solution for your project needs.