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Military Aircraft Ice Detectors

130923-F-RP755-990When we were asked to redesign some specific military aircraft ice detector internal electronic circuit cards, the objective was to solve obsolescence problems as well as increase the mean time between failures (MTBF).

To do this, we engaged our engineering and manufacturing staff, which is comprised of aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineers. Together, they provided all of the required design concepts, prototypes, system integration, components, system compatibility, acceptance, functional, integration, and qualification testing for this critical project.

The new ice detector electronics meet the stringent requirements of form, fit, function and interface (F3I) compatibility. The components are military grade and will support future procurement and repair for many years.

The new electronics interface with the existing system and are transparent. They did not require any modifications or changes to the aircraft systems.

Reducing the circuit cards…and obsolescence issues

To solve obsolescent electronic issues, we used technology insertion. We reduced the design from three circuit cards in each ice detector (six National Stock Numbers total) to two. Our innovative design solution allowed one circuit card to become common between the two ice detectors. This eliminated the number of circuit cards needed to repair and maintain the ice detector from six to three. Additionally, one card became common between specific military aircraft systems.

Passing the test

The United Dynamics engineers interfaced with government software engineers to successfully modify automatic testing programs for ice detectors. The innovative improvements aid in the maintenance and/or repair of ice detectors at depot facilities.

When we completed the project, we had successfully designed, manufactured prototypes/pre-production units, conducted tests and evaluations that meet and/or exceed the military performance specifications for critical Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) and First Article Testing (FAT).