Case Study: F-16 Generator Control Unit

Background and Current Status

  • F-16 block 70 aircraft were in production needing hardware
  • FMS program office had no source of supply for hardware
  • OEM was no longer manufacturing the hardware
  • Incomplete technical data was available
  • Utilizing available technical data and an asset, United Dynamics developed, manufactured, and qualified a new GCU with a complete TDP
  • Improved flex board design to mitigate potential failure mode
  • Currently in-work to become a source of supply

Project Stages

  • Reverse & Reengineering - Completed
  • Technical Data Generation - Completed
  • Manufacturing - Completed
  • Functional Testing – Completed & Passed
  • Qualification Testing – Completed & Passed
  • Customer Delivery - Completed


“United Dynamics did an amazing job and resolved some of the engineering flaws that were found in the legacy GCU.  If your team ever plans to procure more GCUs, I highly recommend using the new updated design.”

– F-16 Program Office