Our Strengths

United Dynamics serves as a one-stop resource for the Aerospace engineering and DoD Technologies. Whether you need engineering, design, integration, manufacturing, as well as overhaul and repair, testing, and/or technology insertion due to obsolescence, we can help. Our experience and knowledge will make your requirements a success.

Engineering Capabilities

Original Design Concepts



Example Design

C-5 Emergency Landing Gear Motor


Requirement Driven Design

  • Air Force indicated high failure rate at Programed Depot
  • Maintenance (PDM) (75%)
  • Presented as a fastener corrosion issue
  • UDI determined that original units had serious internal corrosion from FOD and atomospheric intrusion
  • UDI redesigned the C-5
  • Emergency Landing Gear Motor
  • Air Force retrofitted entire C-5
  • Fleet with UDI's solution.
  • Air Force failure rate at PDM dropped to 0% after retro fit.