Our Strengths

United Dynamics serves as a one-stop resource for the Aerospace engineering and DoD Technologies. Whether you need engineering, design, integration, manufacturing, as well as overhaul and repair, testing, and/or technology insertion due to obsolescence, we can help. Our experience and knowledge will make your requirements a success.

System Evaluation

Our team begins by assessing the target system, identifying key components, and determining the most efficient approach for reverse engineering.

Component Analysis

The team then will start analyzing individual components, including electronic circuits, nechanical assemblies, and firmware, providing a detailed understanding of their function, performance, and potential improvements.

Digital Modeling

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D scanning and modeling software
to create accurate digital models of physical objects, enabling us to reverse engineer complex geometries and structures with precision.

Prototype Development

Based on the gathered information, our team creates functional prototypes of the reverse-engineered components, ensuring their accurate replication and compatibility with existing systems.


Our team conducts qualification testing to ensure that the reverse-engineered components meet the necessary industry, regulatory, and client-specific criteria for successful implementation.

Material and Manufacturing Analysis

We identify and characterize the materials used in each component, as well as the manufacturing processes required to produce them, ensuring a complete understanding of the original design and production methods.

Testing and Validation

We rigorously test the prototypes, validating their performance, reliability, and adherence to established standards and specifications, confirming that they meet the clients' requirements.

Technical Data Package Creation

Based on the findings from our analysis and testing, we compile a comprehensive level 3 technical data package, which includes all relevant design, material, manufacturing, and performance information. This package enables our clients to address obsolescence, support technology insertion, and meet their immediate requirements.

Data Package Content Example

  • Full Mechanical & Electrical Assembly and manufacturing documentation
  • Hardware Description Document: A comprehensive technical manual that details the design, functionality, and specifications of the reverse engineered equipment. It serves as a reference for engineers, technicians, and other stakeholders, detailing the development, production, testing, and maintenance of the hardware.
  • Acceptance Test Plan and Procedures (ATP) and associated reports.
  • Qualification Test Plan and Procedures (OTP) and associated reports.