Case Study: Interferometer Power Supply

Background and Current Status

  • Air Force Metrology & Calibration (AFMETCAL) had a single point of failure power supply for use with test equipment
  • AFMETCAL had no source of supply for hardware
    • The OEM was no longer in business
    • The technology was outdated
    • Very limited data available
  • Utilizing an asset and limited data, United Dynamics developed, manufactured, and functionally validated a new power supply with a complete TDP
    • Updated vacuum tube technology to solid state
  • Power supply is currently in use by AFMETCAL

Project Stages

  • Reverse & Reengineering - Completed
  • Technical Data Generation - Completed
  • Manufacturing - Completed
  • Functional Testing – Completed & Passed
  • Qualification Testing – Not Applicable
  • Customer Delivery - Completed


“Want to say thanks again for the great work you all did reverse engineering that power supply for us as it's being put to good use now.”

– AFMETCAL Mechanical Engineering Branch Chief